The New Badger Partnership & the Impact of the 2011 WI Budget on Higher Education: A Chronological List of Articles, Reports & Relevant For

Welcome! BadgerFutures was established on 27 February 2011. BadgerFutures, and its associated Facebook page, are focused on providing comprehensive and wide-ranging resources (be they supportive, betwixt and between, or critical) to facilitate informed debate about the New Badger Partnership (NBP), and the Wisconsin Idea Partnership (WIP).  If you are searching for current resources, that are updated daily, please go to the BadgerFutures Facebook page:

The list of links below were originally posted here on 3 March but these links have only been updated to the afternoon of 26 March. They will be updated later this summer.  The BadgerFutures Facebook page is the one you need to follow for daily updates.

The links below are in reverse chronological order with most recent on top. For those of you who use Twitter, link here for a Twitter search with the New Badger Partnership hashtag (#uwnbp), and here for a Twitter search with the Wisconsin Idea hashtag (#uwwip). I’ve included a Precursor Documents Worth Reading section immediately after the Select Stories/Opinions/Fora section, and have compiled most of the William Cronon/Republican Party email request debate coverage (see section 4 below) given that it will inevitably shape debates about the nature of the proposed New Badger Partnership Board of Trustee configuration.


( 1) Summaries of the New Badger Partnership (NBP) and the Wisconsin Idea Partnership (WIP)

(2) WI State Budget Documents & Select Summaries/Overviews


(3) Formal Reactions from Actors/Institutions


(4) Select Stories/Opinions/Fora

(5) Precursor Documents and Issues Worth Noting

(6) ‘Charter Universities’ Articles (mostly general, though a few reference the NBP/WIP debate)

(7) Profiles of Relevant Actors (TBC)

(8) Videos (in chronological order, advocating one way or another)

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